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December 2017

This year has been amazing, my fabulous sewing producing everything from cushions, aprons, dresses, jackets, shirts, skirts and whole lot more.  The year concluded with a fabulous Fashion Show of period costumes from the Jane Austen Era which features the work for our Children's Sewing Club as well as the Adults.  This year's deserving winner just 10 years old.  It just goes to show you are neither too young or too old to learn to sew at Sewingtime Greenwich.

Everyone can Learn to Sew.

December 2017

It has been my pleasure during 2017 to teach sewing to several gentlemen, from complete beginners never having handled a sewing machine.  This is shirt number 2 from this proud sewer.  In addition he has created a range of cushions, and household items for his home is a now a regular member of our sewing club at Sewingtime Greenwich.

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