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December 2017

This year has been amazing, my fabulous sewers  producing everything from cushions, aprons, dresses, jackets, shirts, skirts and whole lot more.  The year concluded with a fabulous Fashion Show of period costumes from the Jane Austen Era which features the work for our Children's Sewing Club as well as the Adults.  This year's deserving winner just 10 years old.  It just goes to show you are neither too young or too old to learn to sew at Sewingtime Greenwich.

Everyone can Learn to Sew.

December 2017

It has been my pleasure during 2017 to teach sewing to several gentlemen, from complete beginners never having handled a sewing machine.  This is shirt number 2 from this proud sewer.  In addition he has created a range of cushions, and household items for his home is a now a regular member of our sewing club at Sewingtime Greenwich.

Super Sewing Matic!

January 2018

It may be gloomy outside but a touch of sewing will send the blues away and take you on a creative journey you never knew existed.  Our super sewers just keep on stitching, creating and having sew much fun.


January 2018

Admiration, encouragement are all part of the being part of the Sewingtime Sewing Club.  Weekly session, evenings, weekdays and Saturdays.  Every level sewing together, a great atmosphere, and a great deal of creativity, plus music, tea and buscuits, what more could you ask for.

Sewingbee Sandy - Creation of the Month.

February 2018

"Creation of the month" - Super sewer Sandy created these amazing quilted table mats and runner from pieces of fabric, a lot of toil, creative stitching while learning the skills to do all of this.  Yes a friend persuaded Sandy to learn to sew and believe me she has never looked back since.  Sewingtime is very proud of her and her many achievements.  Sandy is a member of the Sewing Bees at Sewingtime Greenwich. 

First Dress - Wow!

February 2018

Who said you couldn't make a dress and wear it?  Certainly not this Lady Well done Chantal student of Beginners Dressmaking at Sewingtime Greenwich.  Learning the skills in a relaxed creative environment and having a great time doing it.  

Undoubtably Creation of the Month

March 2018

So Proud!  Huge Well done, Beez, from beginner to waistcoat, to ladies clothes to shirt and now this! Fabulous Sew anything at Sewingtime Greenwich. 

The perfect pinafore!

April 2018

Sewing the perfect pinafore is a real doddle at Sewing Club, Well done Lisa 2 sessions! This has got to be your personal best perfect.

Never too young to Sew!

May 2018

Children's Sewing Classes from 7 years , a fun filled creative environment to learn to sew, knit, crochet and create.

Our lovely open day

July 2018

Our lovely Open Day went very well and seem like only yesterday. All the  joy in the world in one studio. The parents sew with their children with a background of music and laughter creating the perfect atmosphere and  amazing creations.   

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